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Learn to Fly Fish

We have had a lot of demand from people that would like to learn to fly fish so we have put together a learn to fly fish package.


This is an on the water course in the beautiful waters of Ningaloo lagoon or Exmouth Gulf. We will take you to some fishy spots in the boat and teach you the basics of saltwater fly fishing and hopefully a fish will grab your fly while you are learning.


This course will be like a normal guided fishing day with just you, or you and a friend on the boat with a guide, but with an understanding that the anglers are learning to fly fish. Our normal guided fishing rates apply.


All fly gear is provided as part of the course. There will also be the opportunity to purchase a perfectly balanced general purpose fly fishing outfit.


We will bring spin gear as well, just as a backup plan in case the fly casting is proving a bit challenging.

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